The day of christmas over the sky
the elves were happy about to get high.
The joy and laughter was a factor
why their prisoner wasn't looked after.

Spreading holiday cheer, they had nothing to fear
except for tensions with the reindeer.
The crows made it clear “This would be the year… The santa elf would premiere”.
With tears in their eyes, the reindeers complied
“We will not try to sabotage this” they replied.
The elves roamed through the homes
delivering presents through many timezones.
Putting gifts under trees was very key
envisioning the faces with such glee.
Swapping out gifts from santa’s list using coal was the elves' twist

When they went back to slay they were dismay
the reindeers took off forcing them to stay.
The prisoner broke free, helping the reindeers flee
the crows didn’t see when they were tied by the knee.

Holding the crows over head the prisoner stared and said
“You were mislead to the north we’ll go instead”.
As they flew by the cloudy night sky
the elves looked on mortified.
Pushing a bag full of coal wasn’t their goal
realizing everything was out of control.
This stunt lasted six months
delivering gifts while people confront.
Climbing through windows looking like weirdos.
Chased by dogs while trying to finish their job.
Confused for thieves, people felt deceived.
Many people believed, Kris Kringle would never leave.

Shot, caught and distraught
Greeted by guns for what they had brought.
Parents blasting through the floor and yelling
“Elves you are no more”....
“Here’s you’re lump of coal shove it up you’re hole”.
The elves finished their delivery by spring's end
they could no longer pretend to be joyous so then
the elves became rude showing attitude.
As the end drew near, it became clear
this wasn’t the career they would adhere.
Throwing gifts to kids faces in many places
till no more were in sight to the elves delight.
With no way to go home, the elves were stranded and alone
they roamed and roamed stopping at a tanker which was postponed.
The idea to board the ship entered their minds really quick
they had to get a grip to the arctic was the trip.

The elves sneaked onto the tanker helped by it’s anchor
there was no longer anger because leaving was the answer.
As the ship sounded its horn, the elves felt reborn
“This trip we’ll never mourn….We’ll never do this ” was sworn.
The temperature took a dip close to the northern tip
floating ice strips, difficult to see from the ship.
The elves took notice, the arctic was hopeless
they felt it was bogus but the ice was at it’s lowest.
The glaciers were melting and it was overwhelming.
The elves leapt into the ocean in one swift motion
the north pole was being stolen, the arctic was no longer frozen.
Swimming up to the north pole they made a new goal
they had to control global warming as a whole.
They stumbled upon an orca whale which told them a tale
the melting ice unveiled the fragile ecosystem which was derailed.
The animals paid the price for the vanishing ice.
Especially the polar bears which could go nowhere
the penguins were all scared the vanishing ice was a nightmare.
The polar bear pointed and declared “We better be beware”
the penguin looked with a glare... they all felt hot air.
Clouds of heat were at their feet.
they weren't discrete, the animals were dead meat.

Surrounded by clouds the bear spoke out loud
they would not bow, this they all vowed.
The bear told the story of the old forest glory
within a couple of months the waters would trump... leaving the forest a watery dump.
The waters came and flushed the elves in a rush
pouring down trees, no one could foresee the rising of the seas.
The elves tried to survive… fighting for their lives
the waters deprived a future when they arrived.

The forest disappeared that much was really clear
but heat took over the atmosphere, the flooding was in high gear.
The elves slowly drowned after waters were all around
Succumbing to the seas brought the population to it’s knees.
Santa Elf focused his attention on global prevention.
He hoped time was on his side to take huge strides.
While on the orca whale he knew he had to impale
global warming which grew out of scale.

He pointed to a cause, breaking nature’s laws.
It was a big draw everyone already saw.
All of the clouds, no one could doubt came out from the factory’s mouth.
The elves entered the factory unplugging the battery
the generator didn’t stop after the power was blocked.
The temperatures rose high, the elves became horrified.
They had to retry through the cyber controls nearby.
Santa Elf hacked the computer disabling the warming producer
it was a maneuver that made the planet cooler.
The warming was suspended through this intervention.
They let go of the tension after disabling the engine.
The sigh of relief gave way to the belief that global warming was only brief.
The clouds disappeared as everyone cheered
snowflakes reappeared in the cold atmosphere.
This was a mishap that created many setbacks
but elves returned back to get xmas on track.
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