A week before christmas on the north pole, Elves were frantic to meet this year’s goal.
Toys for boys, pearls for girls is what the elves yelled
As they worked harder to no avail.

Lumps of cole to those on the naughty
Dolls for those on the nice
is what the elves yelled …glancing at lists with names not to miss

The work shop seemed more like a sweat shop this time of year
A festive prison of holiday cheer
Surrounded by trees and snow in the arctic
Producing pollution that reached the anarctic.
Clouds of Smoke filling the air
Producing conditions they had bare


They worked year round just like slaves
making toys till some were in the grave.
Worldly aspirations were in the santa
Even if the elves became phantoms.

The workshop that made all the kids toys
Had little to do with joy
With a week away till christmas
The santa knew this much
If he wants to be in business a plan he must deploy

The schedule was behind
so he had to think.
“What can i do not to be in the brink.”
The santa thought and thought
“Boy this stinks… What can i do??… No i need a drink!”


Santa thought and thought
this is a disaster.
Why can’t they make these toys faster.

He panicked and panicked circling quite
These were not his kinds of nights
He opened his phone with a big moan
asking if they had robotic drones

On the next night the future seemed bright
Because someone came to santa’s delight.
He said “Hey, Hello,…. I am swell”
When he meet all of the elves.

They went to the office
when the elf became raucous
The man pitched and pitched
“Please sit… What i recommend… A switch”


The man with the plan
wasn’t an elf fan
claiming to santa
“their all wrong for your type of brand”

He offered a deal that would put in motion
A robotic worker with extreme devotion.
Promising profits over workers was a bit evil
Though santa thought it wasn’t illegal

They looked at the contract for legal combat
taking out clauses that equaled losses
Sealing a deal that wasn’t ideal


The man looked up and said
“We have robots up ahead.”
“They don’t go to bed or need to be feed.”

Both devised a plan in a short span
Having the elfs not know themselves
that they would contribute to taunting issue.
Can automation be a business’s salvation?
or does it put in motion an economic erosion


The elves came to office
entering a little cautious.
Some turned nauseous
after see a robot, which was flawless

The santa tried to think of a lie
that the elves would buy
Appealing to the elves which was itself
an enourmous task that he knew couldn’t last.
“the robots won’t replace, all of you for christ sakes”
is what the santa yelled trying to quell
all of the fears that were in high gear.


The robot recorded all of the elfs actions
not even moving to cause a distraction.
The basic function for the toys construction
is what the robot was after
analyzing what all the possible factors.

The robot thought and thought
analyzing data right on the spot.
“Piece number one plugins into this ton”
“Piece number two can be glued”
is what the robot thought
being still cause he didn’t want to get caught


As the night fell the robot was compelled
to work over night while staying out of sight
finishing all toys without making any noise.

The next day, the elves would arrive
they couldn’t believe there eyes
All of the toys were finished
and santa was a witness
the task was gigantic so the elves panicked


Standing in front of  Santa’s desk
The elves played mental chess
Trying to convince him
that he needed them to stay… but to their dismay
Santa already hired the robots required
to finish the job ….. the elves felt robbed


The elves were escorted out
as the sales man would shout
“let there be no doubt that you will not be needed”
the elves pleaded but santa procceed.

Kicked out of the workshop
because the santa wants to be on top.
Into the forest  the elves went
full of lament where they would resent
all the time spent for the christmas event.


The forest was full of  tears
The elves and their peers realized their fears
“We won’t be making toys for years”
One of them cried

They cried and cried
“what are we going to do”
One said mortified.
“I am contemplating sucide”
another replied.
reflecting how they were thrown out undignified.


Standing mad an elf yelled
“Glad that i’m not apart of this holiday fad ”
“We are elves … we must be ourselves”
“It’s time to destroy Santa’s wealth”
“Time to break all of those bots, destroy them with shots”
“We’ll use lots and lots of bullets we bought”

An elf climbed up the tree.
He asked “HEY WHO ARE WE”
“WE ARE ELVES” they replied with Glee.
They got on the backs of crows determined to dispose
Santa for all of the harm he imposed.


They soared through the sky, flying really high
chatting “SANTA MUST DIE”
they were going to try to sneak and occupy
the room with supplies.

The plans changed as they got within range
Bursting through the window like they were deranged
Shooting at every robot with destain
The elves found it strange that their was no violent exchange


The elfs took to the floor
and were shooting more.
they tore through the bots emptying shots.
having nothing to lose, destruction they would chose
taking out the mob that took their jobs.

They arrived at santa’s office which was secure like a fortress
Having known this they were remiss
it was there duty to shoot just like the movies

The elves open fire , killing was there desire.
Santa dodge and dodge till a bullet got lodge
Sitting on his chair he sat up and stared
saying a bit scared “you won’t even dare”


Piss streaming down his leg
acting brave instead
Santa stood and said

With a bullet to the face
the elves manage to erase
all of the disgrace, they felt in that very place.

As the santa slid, shutting his eyelids
he drop back and said “But what about the kids”
Hovering over the body the elves’s response was naughty
“We don’t give a fuck…. you stupid schmuck”
“This is just our luck, We’re going to make some bucks”
“From the toys in your trucks.”


They thrashed and smashed
the office in a flash
it sounded like a crash
they left it totally trashed


they searched through santa’s closet
looking to composite
A suit from all the loot.
They needed to recruit
more elves to execute
their plan in absolute.

The Santa was subsititued
with the elf that was reputed
to be the undisputed
leader of the elves who felt uprooted


Walking out the room
wanting to catch the sales man soon
the moment surely bloomed
the sales man knew he was doomed

They found him full of fear.
He knew the end was near.
his face streaming with tears
their plan was in high gear.

He was only struck, it had to be his luck
placing tape across the mouth
there was absolutely no doubt,….things were headed south
And to his dismay they put him in the sleigh.
they went on there way, he could only pray.


This abduction was the introduction
of a complex production that was christmas’s destruction.
As the reindeers took flight to the elves delight
having finished their fight , they rode off into the night.


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